In the 70’s most cars had semi-mechanical parts that needed to be tuned up, like your points and condenser.

Today most vehicles are electronic and a tune up today is quite different.

However, did you know, that your computer can be overcompensating for an existing condition that needs attention?

Not always does the check engine light come on when your vehicle needs service.  If you notice your gas mileage isn’t quite what it use to be, it’s time to come and see us for a tune-up.

Hard starts, over cranking, other issues can be solved with a tuneup.  There are certain parts of your vehicle (like spark plug wires) that may need attention.

We’ll hook up our engine analysis computer to your vehicle and see which trouble codes it is reporting.  If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your vehicle serviced, then a little preventative maintenance can help you avoid getting stuck at the side of the road later.

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